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Does Polarity support Firefox/Chrome add-ons?

Polarity currently does not support Firefox/Chrome add-ons.

Why is Polarity slow at loading pages?

This means that Polarity's cache is building up too much and it has to be cleared.

HOW TO CLEAR CACHE (Polarity v.3.1.8 and lower):

1) Start > Run > Type: "appdata" > Local

2) Locate the "Geckofx" folder.

3) Delete the folder.

4) Polarity is fast once again!


HOW TO CLEAR CACHE (Polarity v.3.1.9 to v.3.3.1):

1) Click the settings button.

2) Click the edit button.

3) Open the Polarity Cleaner tool.

4) Check to clear what you want.

Polarity v.4.0 and higher does not store cache.

How do you open Trident mode?

Right click on a tab and click "New Trident Tab"

What are the shortcut keys?

Ctrl +: Zoom In

Ctrl - : Zoom Out

Ctrl T: New tab

Ctrl N: New Window

Ctrl H: History

Ctrl B: Bookmarks

Ctrl D: Add to bookmarks.

Ctrl W: Close Polarity

Ctrl 1-8: Selects Tab

Ctrl 9: Selects Last Tab

Ctrl Shift T: Reopen last closed tab

Ctrl Shift J: Open Dev Tools

Double Clicking Tab Area: Opens New Tab

Ctrl M: Show Downloads

Why are no icons showing up on Youtube?

This is caused by a known bug that is getting fixed. A quick fix is to go to settings "gear button" ---> Page Load Performance and Safety ---> and click the "Polarity" button near the other user agent options. Then restart the browser.

What plugins are supported in Polarity (4x)?

  • Flash Player (Adobe)
  • HTML5 video codecs (A&V, W3C, WebM and more)
  • Quicktime Player (Apple)
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Document Explorer Plugin (Built in)
  • Ad Block Plugin (Built in)
  • Silverlight
  • WebGL Support
  • Tab Recovery
  • PDF Exporter
  • Voice Recog. (Microsoft)
  • Minimal Scrollbar (Built in)
  • Mute (Built in)

*As of Polarity v.4.4.1, all plugins are supported when plugin compatibility mode is activated.

How do I turn on/off the Web Filter?

Starting from Polarity v.4.2.1, the Web Filter will be off by default. To turn it off, go to the settings button at the top right ---> click "settings" in the menu ---> click "Page Load/Performance" ---> Check/Uncheck the Web Filter option.

How do I turn on/off Ad Block Mode?

First go to the settings button at the top right ---> click "settings" in the menu ---> click "Uncommon Preferences" ---> Check/Uncheck "Ad Block Mode". The browser will then restart to update your settings.

Why does Polarity keep crashing?

There are several reasons to why Polarity might be crashing. (Corrupted config folder/missing dll.)

A reinstallation of Polarity is recommended, but you may be able to fix your problem via editing the Polarity_Config folder.

Crash on startup/bookmarks/newtab and unable to close Polarity:

This is due to a corrupted config folder which is located in your user folder in the C:\ drive.

To fix this, back-up the Polarity_Config folder to another location

Change all text in "bookmarks.ini" and "bookmarks_ttls.ini" to "|".

Remove all text after the "=" in "topSites.ini" and "topSites_names.ini". The text remaining should be 0=,1=,2=,3=,4=,5=,6= and 7=.

Also try switching private mode on and off to fix your problem with Polarity.

If Polarity is crashing at random times while using it, it is most likely exceeding the GDI object limit and it needs to close. A way to fix this quickly is to turn on adblock mode.

If Polarity crashes when opening the bookmarks menu, it means that the bookmarks file has been moved/corrupted. Tampering with these files can also cause these problems.

Does Adblock mode conflict with anything?

It is not known to have many conflicts, but it may conflict with prepaid USB internet services.

Why can't I update Polarity?

It is caused by your antivirus blocking the download of the update package. Try disabling or downloading from other websites to update Polarity.

Why does the resultbox of the omnibar show no results in smart omnibox mode?

This could be the cause of your antivirus blocking access to retrieve live search results from the web. Changing the configuration or behavior of the AV for polarity.exe may help.