Unleash the web.


A feature packed, fast, secure, stable, and a highly customizable web browser that offers the latest web standards. All these aspects of Polarity help deliver a unique browsing experience which helps you enjoy what the web has to offer.



A strong web filter that warns and protects you from malicious websites that will harm your computer. The site certificates and reputation are also taken into account to power the filter. Alongside the web filter, Polarity offers sandboxing which prevents installation of malware, webpages to track your activity, or steal private info. 

Ad Blocking

Polarity has a built in ad blocker that filters out 90% of all ads on the internet that includes pop ups and malicious ads.


A super fast, stable, and secure web browser engine that powers Polarity and offers the latest web standards. Powered by the Chromium V8 engine with its multi-process architecture along with a powerful garbage collector, this makes Polarity excel in speed while conserving RAM usage.


Polarity allows you to customize the browser to your liking with a built in theming system that allows you to change colors or use any picture for the browser's background.

Customize Polarity at our Theme Store:


Polarity will instantly save your last session and prompt you to restart in the event of a crash. Due to Polarity's multiprocess architecture, each tab is isolated and will not freeze the browser if one becomes unresponsive. If a tab does crash, Polarity will notify you do recover the tab.

Energy Usage

With Polarity's Garbage Collector, it rapidly lowers the ram usage of the browser making it more efficient in battery and CPU usage.

Trident Mode

Polarity also offers Trident as another engine that you can use to browse the web. Trident mode will use the latest version of the engine present on the system.

Simple Translation

Polarity allows you to quickly translate a webpage through the right click menu.


With private mode, no history will be recorded and no cache/cookies will be stored. Cache is automatically deleted on exit. No data will be sent.

Voice Recognition

The omnibar in Polarity has voice recognition built in which allows you to instantly navigate with your voice. Polarity can also dictate your selected text.

Hardware Acceleration

All graphics and text will be rendered faster when Hardware Acceleration is enabled under settings.

Internet Usage Efficiency

If you are in a limited data plan and want to make your limited data plan last, turn on adblock mode to save data due to its built in ad/content filter that you can customize to meet your needs.

Quick Download Manager

Manage all your downloads in a simplistic UI. Downloads are also automatically boosted for faster downloading.


Polarity supports WebGL graphics to display 2D and 3D graphics for more interactive content.

Social Intergration

You can share your favorite websites to your social network accounts by clicking on the lock/page icon in the omnibar. You are able to share to many social networks.


With over 20 search engines to choose from, searching has never been so easy.

Power Browsing

Polarity is completely tabbed and supports an unlimited amount of tabs. Just open the tab manager to manage your tabs easier and hover over  a tab for a quick preview of the web page.

Smart Omnibar(Experimental)

The smart omnibar gathers real time search suggestions/websites from the web as you type.

Minimal Scrollbar(Experimental)

The minimal scrollbar replaces your default Windows scrollbar with a simple look that is thinner and more responsive.

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