Unleash the web.

*Polarity Lite has been discontinued after the release of Polarity 4.0.

Polarity Lite v2.5 (Discontinued)

Various bug fixes, javascript handling fixes, new dev tools, many web rendering bug fixes, HTML5 Test:437 Rewritten with cefglue.

Polarity Lite v2 (9/9/12)

Recoded with more efficiency, Polarity functions from Polarity 2.4.0, Mdi TabControl, engine upgrade to Chromium, Awesomium 1.7 RC2, experimental "Dart" feature to increase speed, Sandboxing, faster browsing speed, better filing system, omnibar powered by Google Search, auto flush. HTML5 Test:399

Polarity Lite v1 (2/17/12)

Imported some functions from Polarity v.1.4, DotNetBar Intergration, Themed, aero on/off.