Unleash the web.

Polarity v.5.0.0 (Upcoming)

Update for Material design, reading mode, reorganized settings activity.

Polarity v.4.0.2 (2/18/15)*

Added rendering mode for websites, added Polish language support, updated strings for languages.

Polarity v.4.0.1 (1/17/15)

Added exit button to app and allowed app to be installed on SD.

Polarity v.4.0.0 Patch 1 (12/28/14)

Fixed issue affecting users running Android 4.2.2 or below.

Polarity v.4.0.0 (12/27/14)

User interface update, brighter and flatter colors, update for Android 5.0, smooth progressbar animation, fixed issue where videos won't show in fullscreen, more icons.

Polarity v.3.0.1 (8/27/14)

Better url parser, fixed translations, updated fonts, bug fixes, updated manifest, added request desktop site feature, fixed bug for "_blank" links not opening, fixed bug where closing blank tabs crashes the browser, other bug fixes, DoNotTrack added.

Polarity v.3.0.0 (7/15/14)

Support for Android below 4.0 is dropped, recode of web browser, new tabs on the side, more settings and options, bookmark access from swiping from the right, bookmark syncing with Chrome, hardware acceleration, blink engine, incognito mode, sharing, adjust text size, ability to clear cache on exit, clearing cache/cookies/history.

Polarity for Android v.2.0.1 (1/26/14)

Few minor bug fixes and patches.

Polarity for Android v.2.0.0 (1/19/14)

Complete recoding, imports Google Chrome history and bookmarks, Firefox sync, webkit, Adblocker built in, social integration, fullscreen browser.

Polarity Mobile v.1 (9/23/12)

Web browser powered by Maxthon with all the standard features of Polarity.